• List of mexican customs brokers

    List of mexican customs brokers

    Aduana "Customs" is the centralized federal Mexican government agency charged with the responsibility of controlling importations and exportations to and from Mexico. The customs regulations in Mexico are codified in several volumes of law and use the uniform customs identification system used in many countries of the world also known as GATT, General Accord on Tariffs and Trade.

    Export and import can be either temporary or permanent. All processings with the customs authority are done in a written form known as a "pedimento" application. In matters of import to Mexico, in addition to the application for import, it is necessary to determine whether an import permit is necessary and whether import duty is necessary.

    It is most common to find that a customs broker in Mexico will handle the importations and exportation for the public. These customs brokers are licensed by the customs authority of Mexico. This registration process is easier for export and more difficult for import. Each year the Nafta agreement liberates more items form the controlled items list.

    By the yearNAFTA will have freed up it maximum of articles for the flow between the 3 countries. Export to Mexico from the U. In order to verify whether your U. Then you can contact the Mexico desk officer at the U.

    Department of Commerce in Washington D. You can also contact the U. Trade Information Center at telephone Import to the U. A good source for information on importing to the U. Figueroa St, SuiteLos Angeles, California at telephone their fax number is - Certificate of Origin. The NAFTA Agreement requires that, in addition to the product having a sticker or marking showing its origin as is always required of imported products to and from Mexico, the U.

    A source for NAFTA facts is to call telephone and request they send you documents and they can fax them or mail them I believe. Certificate of Quality.

    There exist certain items that in order to be imported into Mexico, require a certificate of quality, to assure Mexico that the product is not of inferior quality. Some of these items are: ceramic, glass, electric household appliances, electric products, medical instruments. Articles Carried with the Traveler. The traveler is to press the fiscal stoplight after delivering the customs card. If the light turns green the traveler goes forward and exits the customs area, but if the light turns red, the customs officer must verify the correctness of the declaration as compared to the travelers' luggage and carry items.

    If the traveler carries more than that permitted, he may ask for a review of his items prior to the pushing of the stoplight. If the customs authority finds more than declared, there will be a fine and duties imposed.

    If they find something that is illegal, they will take it away and potentially hold you if the item also is illegal to possess in Mexico. The traveler may also transport sums greater than the ten thousand, but is required to advise customs of the action. In addition to the application for import or export, the exporter must check to see if a license is needed to import or export, and if so, then he must acquire it prior to import or export, as the case may be.

    As well, if for import, the importer must verify whether there is any duty payable for the import, and if so, he must pay it. Customs Broker. The Federal Government of Mexico licenses persons that have shown by examination their ability to handle the customs brokerage activity on behalf of the general public.

    See Customs Brokers below.

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    Filings, Permits and Duties. Bonded Warehouses. Mexico permits the existence of bonded warehouses, under the control of Customs.The answer is to hire a good customs broker.

    They should know the rules and regulations of the country you wish to import goods from and get the job done safely, quickly, and economically. It will allow you to focus on selling the merchandise and get paid. More importantly, if you are doing business with U. Customs, you are required to work through a customs broker with a valid license. According to the U. Customs website:. Much like a freight forwarder or logistics expert on exports, licensed customs brokers are individuals, associations, corporations, or partnerships licensed and regulated by the U.

    Customs brokers receive a license from the U.

    Customs Brokers

    Customs after passing a qualifying test. Customs brokers assist with both offline and online documentation. They are experts with country-specific rules and regulations and can calculate duties and related taxes, as well as any payments to the CBP. They make sure that your goods are cleared through customs in a timely, seamless, and economical fashion. This service is provided for a reasonable fee. They are obligated to comply with regulatory and statutory requirements on behalf of an importing client.

    These professionals typically handle issues concerning entry procedures and classification issues such as:. Not all brokers can process entries at all customs ports of unloading, nor can they all prepare and process the paperwork required by the U. Be sure to inquire before making a hiring decision. Finally, check whether you require a license, a permit to import certain goods or special additional paperwork.

    A customs broker can help you with this aspect of importing goods as well. Importing can become a lucrative business in and of itself or an extension of a small organization that offers exciting growth potential. Either way, learning the ropes and doing your homework makes the process that much easier.

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    She is also the author of three books on exporting. Read The Balance's editorial policies. Corporations, partnerships, and associations must have a broker license to transact Customs business.

    Each of these businesses must have at least one individually licensed officer, partner, or associate to qualify the company's license.

    Failure to have a qualifying officer or member of a partnership for more than days will result in the revocation of the broker license. The U. Harmonized Tariff Classification System HTSA Tariff treatments and trade agreements that can lower duty rates or set other limits to particular goods Compliance with applicable rules and regulations Determines the valuation and classification of goods Assessment of products for the determination of duties The marking of imported goods to indicate the country of origin Handling duty drawbacks or the refund of tariffs, taxes, and other fees on certain U.Sept 12, Update: Mercado Libre has published a DANDY list of what specific items are prohibited to bring into Mexico, and a sub-list of items that can be brought in with modest restrictions.

    Customs brokers are no longer required for private individuals when bringing personal items in by land. We welcome you to propose your own questions or issues for additional articles. Please note that as of Dec. Note that these are the year round limits. What can I bring in duty free? Passengers traveling with family members spouse and children may combine their personal exemptions only when arriving together.

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    You must fill out a payment form, which is available at the Customs counter. Private brokerage services are always available at the airport. You will not have to pay duties or taxes, but you must declare it on the Customs Declaration form. Failing to declare it is a violation of Mexican Law and such violation is sanctioned with administrative and even criminal penalties. In order to import firearms and cartridges you must secure an import permit from the Ministry of Economy and from the Ministry of National Defense.

    The person who ordered the grease was sent an official notice by Aduana asking him to come to the Administrative Offices at the Progreso Muelle. The Aduana supervisor told him that all grease products were forbidden for import by private individuals. Other reliable posters have described that like grease Aduana also confiscates candles and soap in packages mailed into Mexico.

    Stamps, stickers, drawings, illustrations or printed materials representing children in a denigrated or ridiculous way, or inciting violence. Are you planning on driving into Mexico with your household goods? Foreigners interested in importing household goods duty free, must certify that the household goods were acquired at least six months before the date you enter Mexico.

    People who are allowed to imports household goods, without payment of taxes on foreign trade are:. Yucalandia Note: We suggest taking at least 3 copies of the list, because Aduana will keep one copy at the border, and then when you cross the 25 km Aduana checkpoint, they might keep a copy of the list.

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    As you cross state borders and go through military or police checkpoints, they can ask to see the list. In the bustle of traveling, a single list might get lost — leaving you with no list a. The key thing people describe is having a good Menaje de Casa style list that describes every numbered box and its contents and the un-boxed items in your load — along with items named in Spanish — along with serial numbers on electronics. Note that people who bring in commercial quantities of items, or who bring in lots of tools enough to start a small shopor people with lots of electronics or lots of computers or lots of computer gear are often asked to pay modest duties.

    Mexican customs brokers remain the option of choice

    If you are using a professional mover, or a Customs Broker, then they do need a Consulate approved formal Menaje de Casa list.

    Todo tipo de alimentos frescos, semillas, medicamentos, suplementos alimenticios, vitaminas. Llantas usadas y nuevas. Equipo para gotcha o paint ball y accesorios. As a condition of duty-free entry, a NAFTA country may require that these goods: — not be sold or leased while in its territory; — be accompanied by a bond if they are not originating goods as defined in Chapter 4 of the NAFTA; — only remain in the importing country until the departure of the person or within a reasonable time established by each country.

    This next info is from a Canadian govt. Business Visitors Business Visitors can enter the United States or Mexico on a temporary basis to perform work as follows: … Marketing Market researchers and analysts conducting independent research or analysis for an enterprise located in Canada.

    Sales Sales representatives and agents taking orders or negotiating contracts for goods or services for an enterprise located in Canada, but not delivering or providing the goods or services. Buyers purchasing for an enterprise located in Canada.

    Distribution Transportation operators moving goods or passengers to the U. Purely domestic service or solicitation, in competition with American or Mexican operators, is not permitted. I have a commercial sample I need to ship to Mexico. What do I need to do?Savings Estimate Tecma Tijuana and other Baja California locations will support automotive manufacturers endeavoring to start-up and maintain operations in the State.

    Learn more. Mexico and actively works on the Model Ports Sub Committees. He is also a member of the Southwest Maquila Association Tecma maintains a presence in Mexico City not only for the purpose of caring for and guarding the interests of its Mexico shelter manufacturing clientele Torreon is a city in the western part of the Mexican State of Coahuila El Paso is a key maquiladora industry distribution center location due to the economic linkages that it shares with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico San Diego traces its European routes back towhen the region was visited by explorers from the Iberian Peninsula.

    Review this Introduction to Tecma. It is a fact that when materials and finished products get delayed and tied up at the border because of customs discrepancies this can be the cause of economically damaging shutdowns of production lines, as well as result in the late shipment of goods to customers. Disciplined vigilance is required in this area of the business to make sure that potential fines are avoided and tariffs and duties are reduced or eliminated.

    Specific Mexico import export services provided by the Tecma Group of Companies include:. The processing of all Customs documents. The pedimento is the most relevant Customs form in that it evidences the legal importation of goods into Mexico. Pedimentos can only be filled out by licensed Mexican customs brokers. The Tecma Group of Companies maintains its own broker in-house. The classification of raw materials, supplies, machinery, tools and equipment and finished products.

    Getting the classification of all items correct is necessary to greatly reduce or eliminate any applicable tariffs and duties. The special clearance processing of hazardous materials in accordance with both U. The special handling of items that are subject to quotas and other Mexican Customs restrictions. The maintenance of relationships and communications with the Mexican Department of Health and other regulatory agencies with respect to Mexican Customs issues.We count with foreign trade experts that design and implement customs clearance strategies that combine full compliance with tax and customs laws, low clearance times and lowest applicable tarifs.

    Dear clients and partners of TIBA, We are receiving many questions regarding the situation at ports, customs and, in general, regarding the services that TIBA provides to our customers. We cannot foresee the extent to which these will be affected; however, there is no doubt that this exceptional situation will probably cause affectations, mainly due to delays, cancellations or modifications, either during goods transportation, or relating to customs brokerage or other formalities and services.

    Custom Broker Benefits.

    Customers, suppliers, transport companies, custom brokers, shipping lines, warehouses and, in general, any member of the supply chain, including TIBA family, will be directly affected by this situation.

    Unfortunately, these circumstances will be beyond our control. We thank you for your understanding and patience at present time. Customs brokers Save time and money, we streamlined customs procedures. I accept the privacy policy.

    list of mexican customs brokers

    I wish to receive commercial information. Follow us. Standard trading conditions. Covid19 Notice. We use our own and third-party cookies to improve and analyze your use of our site. You can change the settings, reject them or get more information about our cookies policy. I accept Cookies policy.These refunds will be provided to all registrants automatically.

    If you have questions or comments, you may email the broker management branch via brokermanagement cbp. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule will be provided electronically on exam day beginning with the April 1, exam. The HTS will have basic search functions.

    list of mexican customs brokers

    Examinees still have the option to bring in their paper HTS if desired. Visit www. Some are listed below:. CBP welcomes the submittal of new questions for future broker exams. Please submit your questions to brokermanagement cbp.

    list of mexican customs brokers

    The Broker-Known Importer Program. Skip to main content. Customs Brokers. Next Exam Registration opens February 3, and closes March 2, Gov if one is not created already.

    Require brokers to have a single permit that allows them to have sufficient authority to conduct custom business at the national level within the customs territory of the United States. This will also eliminate the need for brokers to request permit waivers. Prepare a transition plan to a single permit. Require brokers to provide satisfactory evidence of how the entity intends to exercise Responsible Supervision and Control.

    Make enhancement to ACE for broker reporting and Streamline Broker reporting Update the factors related to Responsible Supervision and Control related to the transition of managing under the national permit that would replace the district permit.

    Require that the Power of Attorney come directly from the Importer to the Broker. Remove specific fee dollar amounts and reference a single source of location allowing greater flexibility.

    Expand Broker payment options to include electronic payment of fees. Provide for reasonable steps to include the review of publicly available, open source information to authenticate the identity of the broker.

    Require that customs business may be conducted only within the customs territory of the United States. Provide for the storage of electronic customs records within the custom territory of the United States. Last modified:.

    list of mexican customs brokers

    Share This Page.How can Regulations, Tariffs and Customs services help? Regulations, Tariffs and Customs services are always important for a company successful international business development. Professionals in that field of activity offer vital assistance to companies doing business around the world, and bring expertise, advices and solutions for this important aspect of their growth. An accurate knowledge of national and international regulations and trade compliances can be critical in some industries like the pharmaceutical business or agribusiness.

    Service providers usually offer excellent relationship with customs specialists and attention to detail with documents, tariffs and quarantine requirements. Their priority is to provide fast and effective clearance of goods. Global Customs Specialist are responsible for providing Companies product line groups and business units with information regarding tariff classification, documentation, duty rates, trade preferences and restrictions to comply with standard regulations.

    Being aware of and using services available in terms of regulations information, tariffs and customs services is important for any organization. Get listed in our directory of international trade service providers. You will receive qualified leads from people who need your services. International Freight Forwarder. Representative agent and business extension in China.

    Mexico's Leading Customs Brokerage Group

    Basilea, S. Basilea gives the best solutions to the U. We are experts in Logistics to sell products in Mexico, importing, exporting, warehousing, managing inventories among other services.

    Basilea finds customers for your company, we develop sales and marketing strategies according to the culture of each region of Mexico. Basilea is the best solution for U. Basilea is your platform to do business in Latin America. Europartners Group. The services that we offer you at Europartners run from Overland freight, air freight, and sea freight, also for any specialized cargo such as refrigerated cargo, break bulk cargo and transport for hazardous materials.

    For deadline solutions, we provide critical cargo services including air charters, hand carry service, and hot shots.

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    For sensitive cargo, we place at your disposal our next-day delivery, team drivers, air shipments and LTL services.

    Europartners makes any need possible. Send us an email with any request, we'll be more than glad to provide a solution for your needs. Mario Martinez, Estafeta. Responsible for the integrity and security of Import and Export process as an international carrier, meeting customs regulations from US and Mexico by identifying the tariff and duties merchandise; provide assistance of custom requirements to other areas on the company. Ramon Quintanilla, Trafico Y Logistica We are a Mexican Trade Company that offer import and export services to and from the most important ports.

    We provide our services to and from all over the world, such as transportation, storage and manage of your goods from country of origin to final country of destination. We make the differencies in your Business with costumers or suppliers who dont know the Mexican regulations, tariffs and Customs Barriers to and from Mexico to the world.

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    Southern Border Logistics. SBL is extending vendor managed services to benefit companies outside of Mexico to supply their customers with duty free and on time materials. Vendor Managed Servcies enables optimization of inventory levels between suppliers and customers. Trade Company Services from SBL offers flexibility to open up the Mexican market without the cost and legalities of creating a business entity. We can find for you the right services to boost your operations overseas free.

    All Rights Reserved. Login Sign Up. My Dashboard Log out. Premium Membership Advertise Take a tour. What do Regulations, Tariffs and Customs services consist of?


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